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The Buildings – Part Two

The next building to receive treatment was the Beehive – a beautiful double height performance space complete with stage.

Beehive holds a special place in people’s hearts and mention its name to the people of Darlington and they’ll smile and tell you about the great parties and dances held there.

It was important that any renovation of Beehive had to be carried out with extra special care and attention. We value the memories that are contained within its walls – the laughs, the chatter, the friendships, the slow dances… need we go on?

After much thought we created six split-level contemporary office suites from the main auditorium.

We left the stage in place and it provides a fantastic talking point.

The space was quickly occupied and we were able to create a second phase of Beehive in the original Paton & Baldwins kitchens.

The paint was barely dry before contracts were being exchanged on that space too.


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